September 10, 2008

Top Sony Playsation Portable Accessories (PSP Accessories)

Sony PSP Accessories for Your Gaming Desires

Changing the look of one’s Sony PSP to suit one’s lifestyle and mood has become so easy with the release of varied Sony PSP accessories. Skins, faceplates and sticker decals are some of the ways to personalize PSP.

Sony PSP Skins prevent scratches, chips, dents and fingerprints from accumulating on one’s PSP. These Sony PSP accessories are skin-tight silicon custom-fitted and allow access to all functions. They are available in different colors—blue skin, clear skin, purple skin, and smoke skin to mention a few.

The Sony PSP faceplates also allow changing the color and look of Sony PSP. Partially dis-assembling the Sony PSP however is needed for the installation of these PSP accessories. So, just grab a small head screwdriver and voila! One can choose from various colors—blue chrome, bronze, clear, gold chrome, pink chrome, red chrome, white and yellow chrome, and more.

Sticker Decals, another from the cool Sony PSP accessories line, likewise allow easy change on the look of Sony PSP. They are like skins available in different designs. Sticker decals are self-adhesive plastic-coated to cover the front, back and sides of the PSP and are custom-cut to fit perfectly. They are thin so they do not add any bulk. They are easy to apply with no bubbles, durable and are easily removed without any residue.

Still wouldn’t allow a scratch in your PSP? Protect your Sony PSP with clear shield protector case. Protector cases are Sony PSP accessories that includes face and back covers to protect one’s Sony PSP without covering its good looks. Clear, hard plastic covers attach to front, back and sides of the Sony PSP so it covers and protects the display screen too. This case has openings for buttons, joysticks, UMD slot, charger jack, power switch and headset jack. It is features easy snap-on installation and needs no disassembly.

For those who just can’t live without their Sony PSP and longs to mount them in your car, the Deluxe MultiAngle Windshield Mount is a Sony PSP accessory perfect for them. This Sony PSP accessory mounts your PSP to the console or even to a dashboard or windshield of any car. It also features a mounting cradle which is spring-loaded, three ratcheting joints for the PSP to be positioned in any angle, and a 360-deg swivel head.

A Sony PSP accessory for those light-sensitive but couldn’t get enough of their Sony PSP, the GameDr Glare Shield is available in the market. It reduces glare as a players watch or play. It also minimizes the sun’s glare if played outdoors.

Other useful Sony PSP accessories are likewise interesting to note. The SD Memory Card Reader lets one use SD and miniSD memory cards with the PSP. One can access files from the PSP without copying them to your memory stick. This card reader plugs into the memory stick slot and reads SD and miniSD memory cards.

A backup battery pack is also an available Sony PSP accessory with hand grips. It provides power to PSP and clamps onto back of PSP to provide additional playing time. It is rechargeable through the original PSP AC power adapter so there’s no need to worry.

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September 01, 2008

Download Games from PC to PSP in 6 Steps

First Of All: What Do You Need?

The PSP can function as a USB Memory Stick Duo reader. Using this functionality, you can copy pictures, audio, and other content to and from your Memory Stick Duo. To access the Memory Stick Duo in your PSP from your PC, you'll need a USB cable that has a "Mini-B" connector (common for digital cameras) and a "Standard-A" connector (common for printers, etc). Plug the Mini-B side into the top of your PSP and the Standard-A side into your PC. From the psp software, navigate to the top of the settings list and select "USB Connection." Your PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) should detect a new "Removable Disk Drive" that you can then access.

In order to be able to use your new memory stick on your PSP, you'll have to format it. When you format your memory stick, the formatting will create a set of new folders on your PSP: GAME, MUSIC, PHOTO, and SAVEDATA.

This process will greatly depend on which software you use to extract zip files. WinRAR for instance offers the "extract here" option, which will simply extract the contents of a zip file to it's current directory.

Just copy the folder you have just extracted, and paste it into the PSP's "SAVEDATA" folder. But, BEWARE!, to any folder overwrite warnings! Because the PSP save game folders use the same names for the same games, copying folders into these locations could lead to lost data. For this reason, we recommend that you backup your old save games before overwriting them. For Example, I would simply rename a folder like "ULPS0004" to "ULPS0004_backup."

Because your PSP has been in USB Mode throughout this process, just push X to exit. Then you can safely disconnect your PSP from your PC.

To verify the integrity of the SAVE GAME data you have just transferred, use the PSP's built-in Save Data Utility. Select it from the "Game" menu.

That's it, simple and smooth. The only question I can think of that lingers in your mind could be "Where Can I download psp games ?" Well we have reviewed three of the best downloadsites available for psp games right here download psp games

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