May 31, 2005

PSP World Poker Tour game review


Created by 2k Sports, comes PSP World Poker Tour. This latest version was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: World Poker Tour takes players into real casinos around the world on high stakes poker tournaments. Based on the hit TV show, World Poker Tour features real-life players, create-a-player and an extensive multiplayer mode. Start a game of No Limit Texas Hold'em and experience the Cadillac of Poker.

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PSP gameThe following sports themed video games are available for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) gaming system (click a game title to learn more):


Where you can buy PSP Games - AMAZON.COM

More Playstation Portable Sports Games (PSP Games) coming soon... Check back for PSP game updates.

May 25, 2005

Import Japanese Video Games - PSP

For various reasons, many video games are never sold outside of Japan. But that isn't stopping U.S. gamers from playing them, thanks to (

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. (Press from June 7, 2005 -- The site, which officially launched this week, retails import Japanese video games for PSP(TM), Nintendo DS(TM), GameCube(TM), Game Boy(R) and PlayStation 2(TM) systems from within the U.S.

It is a little-tapped market in North America, but that is precisely what convinced founder Jeromy Stroh to go into business. Stroh, who had been importing video games from Japan for his own use, knew how interested gamers were in playing new titles like "Bleach: Heat the Soul," a PSP game based on the popular "Bleach" anime series by Kubo Tite, or the so-cute-it-hurts simulation series "Nintendogs," which allows Nintendo DS players to care for virtual puppies.

"There just aren't many stores that compete in this niche," Stroh explained. "Demand for import Japanese video games is growing, however, primarily because PSP and Nintendo DS systems require no modification to play Japanese games, and very little effort is required to be able to play PS2 and GameCube games from Japan."

There is also the draw of being able to play the latest video games long before their English versions are available in this country: Many games are released in Japan months before they hit the U.S. It is perfectly legal to import them, but is one of the few companies doing so.

As a result, the site's sales are already brisk - and growing with every new release. Pre-orders scheduled for this month include "Coded Arms," a wireless PSP multiplayer fighting game that simulates virtual reality; "Bomberman: Panic Bomber," a four-player PSP WiFi action puzzle game; "Adventure Player" for PSP, where players make their own adventures; and "Trauma Center: Under the Knife," a Nintendo DS game where players must make use of the stylus and voice recognition system to operate on patients with a myriad of ailments.

Part of the allure of import video games, said Stroh, stems from the fact that games from Japan won't play on U.S. PlayStation 2, GameCube or GameBoy systems without a modified chip - which can void a system's warranty - or an adaptor, so not just anyone can play. will soon offer the adaptors.

In choosing to carve out a niche market, and other importers could be changing the face of gaming in America. As more U.S. gamers are able to purchase import Japanese video games, a larger American fan base is created for games that manufacturers have thus far released only in Japan. A larger fan base translates to increased sales - and that, in turn, could convince manufacturers to bring more games to the U.S. market. might just be on the brink of something big.

Jeromy Stroh, Import Video Games

May 18, 2005

PSP NBA Street Showdown game review


Created by Electronic Arts, the latest in the NBA Street series, comes PSP NBA Street Showdown. This latest version was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: Take your skills to a new level and challenge the greatest basketball icons to ever hit the court. With NBA STREET, tip off against the baddest old-school legends and todays hottest players and rise above the rim with bigger-than-life moves. Defeat the best the streets have to offer with an arsenal of dunks, passes, dribbles, and tricks. Begin your journey to become a street legend with NBA STREET on PSP handheld entertainment system.

  • Rule the Streets: Take on the biggest stars of the NBA in full street style, battle it out with a three-on-three game, or go on the ultimate quest to become a street legend in King of the Courts mode.
  • Create Your Own Baller: Add personal style to your created street baller and hold your own against the greatest legends in King of the Courts mode.
  • Two Unique Game Modes: Earn style points in Shot Blocker and Arcade Shootout modes and enhance your status as the game's newest street legend.
  • Wireless Head-to-Head Gameplay: Play one-on-one against a friend in the original Pick Up Game mode.
  • Party Play: Up to four players can compete in two high-flyin' game modes: Shot Blocker and Arcade Shootout using one PSP.
  • Pocket Trax: This new feature designed for PSP allows you to listen and watch music content via this built-in player.

Screenshot from PSP NBA Street Showdown
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PSP NBA Street Showdown Game Review
Halo player "Jay" (New York, USA) - This is an awesome game for the PSP. You should definitely pick this game up at a store. There are party play games which include 'shot blocker' and 'arcade shootout'. There is wireless head to head mode. This game also includes ea's pocket trax which is when you get to listen to any of the songs from the game. Also King of the court mode. So pick this game up its awsome!!!

May 12, 2005

Online Video Game Rental Service Launched - NumbThumb Games

NumbThumb Games ( announces the launch of their newly redesigned Web site along with the addition of new game platforms and a lowered monthly fee.

Austin, Texas (Press from PRWEB) May 23, 2005 -- NumbThumb Games, LLC, an online video game rental service, has good news for avid gamers: They have launched their newly redesigned Web site for easier navigation, added new game platforms and lowered the price of their monthly premier service. is an online service that allows members to rent video games online and receive them in the mail – with no due dates or late fees. The premier service, now only $19.95 per month, allows customers to have two games out at a time.

The continuously growing library of over 2,000 titles has been expanded to include two new game platforms. In addition to PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and GameBoy Advance, the library now includes games for Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) and the Nintendo DS.

The newly designed Web site offers easy navigation, a clean look and feel and now provides more information for members to make their game selections. Each game platform category features various search options such as "Action/FPS/Fighter, "Driving Racing," "New Releases" and "Pre-Releases."

Since there are no late fees and no due dates, when members are done playing a game they simply return it in the postage-paid envelope and receive their next game in their mailbox in as little as one to three days. NumbThumb's centrally located distribution center in Austin, Texas allows for members to receive games faster, offering more play time and less transit time.

About NumbThumb Games, LLC
NumbThumb Games, LLC has been in business for over three years and was founded by avid gamers looking for a better way to rent games.

Launched to the public in 2002, the Web site offers a growing library of over 2,000 titles to customers across the United States. The library of games consists of titles for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advanced, Sony PSP and Nintendo DS game platforms. NumbThumb does not have due dates or late fees and offers unlimited rentals delivered to the customer’s mailbox for a low monthly subscription.

Daryl Hiers, Numb Thumb Games, LLC

May 10, 2005

PSP Lumines game review


Created by UBI Soft, comes PSP Lumines. This game was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: Bust blocks, groove through puzzles, and jam wirelessly with friends. Stack 'em right and you'll unlock lush looks and buttery beats. Want to be lumines? Just let the music guide you.

  • Advance through 24 action-packed levels, each with its own musical theme and sound effects.
  • Four gameplay modes including single-player and multiplayer ensure varied and lengthy gameplay. Time attacks, duels, and puzzle challenges await!
  • Unlock new customizable skins and avatars as you progress. Flaunt your progress in multiplayer mode; push your opponent right off the screen.
  • Challenge yourself, or go head to head with an opponent via wireless multiplayer functionality.
  • Listen as the jam intensifies depending on your skills. Stack 'em and crack 'em to unlock the best beats and score high points. Combo and link for best results.

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Screenshot from PSP Lumines game
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PSP Lumines Game Review
Tommy (Naperville, Illinois United States) - I was a little leary of getting a "puzzle" game for the PSP, but I went with the reviews and lo and behold...I've played almost nothing else on the PSP! This game is great, it's addicting, if you listen to the audio through a set of headphones, the experience is almost all-encompassing.

It's just a well made me, it's like an ultra-hip version of Tetris. It's the "Thinking Man's" game for PSP. :-)

Gameplay: 5 of 5
Controls: 5 of 5
Eye Candy Value: 5 of 5
Ear Candy Value: 5 of 5
Replay Value: 5 of 5
Overall Value: 5 of 5
Chances you'll be up into the wee hours with headphones on playing: 5 of 5

I'm a happy customer, definitely the best of the 3 games I've bought so far (Ridge Racer..very good too and Wipeout...gotta love it too)

May 09, 2005

Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Game Accessories

Video game and handheld accessories manufacturer NubyTech announced today the launch of its exciting new line of video game accessories for multi-media phenomenon Yu-Gi-Oh!(TM).

LOS ANGELES, CA (Press from Sept. 21, 2004 - These products will combine outstanding Yu-Gi-Oh! graphics with the latest technology in video game controllers.

Yu-Gi-Oh!, from 4Kids Entertainment, Inc., is a leading animated series, video game franchise, trading card game and toy line.

"We're very excited to introduce a complete line of video game accessories for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans of all ages," said Paul Chen, NubyTech's President and COO. "Now fans will be able to enjoy the full Yu-Gi-Oh! experience at home and on the road with our cool new products. They'll be a "must-have" for Yu-Gi-Oh! gamers."

The new product line will launch October 26, 2004 and include:
- The Yu-Gi-Oh! Controller for PlayStation 2(R)
- The Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Kit for Game Boy Advance(R) SP

To enhance the Yu-Gi-Oh! gaming experience, NubyTech also will introduce removable console decals with Yu-Gi-Oh! graphics for the different gaming systems.

Additional Yu-Gi-Oh! video game accessories, including the Yu-Gi-Oh! controller for Xbox(R) and specially designed Yu-Gi-Oh! carrying cases for Nintendo's new Dual Screen (DS) and Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld video game systems, are scheduled to be released later this year.

About NubyTech Inc.(R)
NubyTech Inc.(R), headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, is a leading manufacturer and designer of video game accessories for major gaming systems including the PlayStation 2(R) Entertainment System, Nintendo GameCube(R), and Game Boy Advance(R). NubyTech(R) has been very dedicated to its customers, and has earned a wide recognition by focusing on setting high quality standards, innovative designs, product research and development, and excellent customer service.

For more information visit us at

Birute Tursa, NubyTech Inc.(R)

May 08, 2005

House of Flying Daggers PSP Movie

Sound TechnologyJapan, Inc. presents House of Flying Daggers, in the new UMD Mini (Universal Media Disc) format.


  • A better than average making-of featurette, a peek at visual effects, storyboard and more PlayStation Portable Movie; DVD

  • Lush, eye-popping and mesmerizing are woefully inadequate words to describe this widely reviewed and praised Chinese film

  • Set in 859 AD during a corrupt period of the Tang Dynasty, two government officers search for an underground rebellion calling themselves House of Flying Daggers

  • The extraordinary cinematography by Xiaoding Zhao must be seen to be believed; Extras include dense commentary from director Zhang Yimou and actor Ziyi Zhang

Order House of Flying Daggers for Sony Playstation Portable (UMD format)

About Sony PSP UMD discs: Universal Media Discs (UMDs) are playable only in the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and are not compatible with contemporary DVD players. The UMD is a newly developed compact, high capacity optical format that can store up to 1.8 GB of digital data on a 60mm disc or an entire feature film on a single UMD video. Movies on UMD will be produced in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and encoded using advanced AVC compression, which provides a high level of picture quality.

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PSP UMD House of Flying Daggers Movie Review
Cubist (United States) - Fresh from the success of Hero, Zhang Yimou and his current muse, Ziyi Zhang, reunited for another breathtaking martial arts epic, complete with some of the most impressive action sequences since Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Like these movies, House of Flying Daggers features a tragic love story at its heart.

As he demonstrated in Hero, Yimou has fantastic eye for period detail and this film is no different with its colourful costumes and intricately detailed sets. The director eschews the heightened, primary colour scheme of Hero for a more naturalistic look with House of Flying Daggers. There is a predominantly earth tone look with warm colours like yellows, reds and browns. It is a nice contrast to the stylized action, which is impressively choreographed.

As he proved with Hero, Yimou's House of Flying Daggers is so much more than a martial arts movie. It is also features characters that we grow to care about which only makes the film's conclusion that much more tragic. This movie is just the right balance of style and substance, something that is very hard to pull of successfully with this kind of movie but so far Yimou is two for two. Hopefully, Zhang will continue to be his cinematic muse and they collaborate on future projects.

There is a subtitled audio commentary by Ziyi Zhang and Zhang Yimou. Yimou tends to dominate, talking about the look of the movie and the choreography of the action. Zhang does talk about all of the practicing she did for the dancing and action sequences. Fortunately, she already had six years of dance training which helped prepare for her intensive role.

"The Making of House of Flying Daggers" is a 45-minute look at how this film came together. This well-made featurette examines various aspects, such as story, themes and interviews with the actors who speak highly of Yimou.

"Creating the Visual Effects" is a brief featurette that shows various scenes as they looked originally and then with the CGI added.

Also included are "Storyboard Comparisons" for six scenes and allow one to watch the storyboards alongside the finished product.

"Costumes Gallery" offers a brief look at drawings of the outfits worn by various characters with the final product.

There is also a "Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery" with many on-the-set and on-location photos.

May 05, 2005

PSP FIFA Soccer game review


Created by Electronic Arts, the latest in the FIFA Soccer series, comes PSP FIFA Soccer. This latest version was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Screenshot from PSP FIFA Soccer
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Game Description: Boasting unprecedented visual and audio features, a deep selection of advanced controls, and more than 350 official team and league licenses, PSP FIFA Soccer delivers console quality to the Playstation Portable. Battle your way through Season and Tournament play, or replay famous games as you fight your way out of preset match situation in the Challenges mode. With Mid-Season Scenario and wireless capabilities, FIFA Soccer is the only complete, authentic, and intelligent soccer experience for the PSP.

  • Replay famous games as you fight your way out of preset match situations
  • Wireless multiplayer action
  • Over 350 official team and league licenses
  • Battle your way through Season and Tournament play

Order PSP FIFA Soccer from

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PSP FIFA Soccer Game Review
Michael Paddrik (ATL GA) - The fifa series has had some great games and i thought that this one would be much too skechey but it seems that i was wrong, it has very good game play and plently of clubs to choose from (go BARCLONEA & ARSANAL!!!) i gave it a 5 because the overall game play is very good so if you like soccer (or Football) i would pick this game up.

May 04, 2005

Beatbox.Tv Releases Beatboxing Tutorials for Sony's PSP

Now anyone can learn how to beatbox on the train, the plane or the bus. Beatbox.Tv, originators of online beatboxing tutorials, is currently offering video downloads of the most sought after Beatbox tutorials and video clips for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

(Press from PRWEB) May 4, 2005 -- Beatboxing is the element of Hip Hop that employs a series of oral techniques to create human beats using nearly any sound featured in popular music today. Owners of the PSP can download ready-to-load video onto their PSP's Memory Stick. "We've been waiting a long time for a quality portable video player for deployment of our video content," says co-founder Berry Blanton. "It's really an ideal medium for short-form, engaging video."

This month, Beatbox.Tv is offering its first three downloads, two of which are taken directly from Beatbox.Tv’s flagship DVD, Foundations. PSP users can download "Snare" Tutorials 1 & 2, a harmonica/beatboxing combo from beatboxer Yuri Lane, and a more advanced short beatboxing video mix.

"We wanted to offer Yuri Lane's harmonica performance because it has become so popular on the Internet; now download it to your PSP and get mobile," says Beatboxing co-founder Max B. Beatbox.Tv is fast becoming the online destination for the beat enthusiast and their trade line "Representing Beat Culture" says it all. Beatbox.Tv currently offers streaming beatbox tutorials as well as a host of other video and audio content. To meet the increasing demands of this growing market, Beatbox.Tv is expanding their site to showcase up-and-coming beat artists who can submit audio clips, pictures and bios to be featured on the site. “Beatbox.Tv is not limited to beatboxers," says Blanton. "Beatboxing is simply an element of Hip Hop, and beats are the foundation of Hip Hop."

Beatbox.Tv: Representing Beat Culture

Berry Blanton, BEATBOX.TV

May 02, 2005

EA Ships NBA Street Showdown and FIFA Soccer for the PSP

PSP FIFA SoccerRedwood City, Calif., – April 25, 2005 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced the release of EA SPORTS BIG NBA STREET Showdown and EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer for the PSP handheld entertainment system. Now, right in the palm of their hands, players can experience the spectacular graphics, new game modes, and Wi-Fi multiplayer of both renowned EA franchises.

"We are thrilled to bring both NBA STREET and FIFA franchises to the PSP platform which now offers players an uncompromising gaming experience on the go," said Warren Wall, VP and Executive Producer at EA Canada. "These titles, along with the rest of the EA's PSP launch line-up, prove that EA is committed to delivering first-rate entertainment in the palm of your hand."

Developed specifically for the new PSP platform, NBA STREET Showdown and FIFA Soccer are full of exciting and original game modes that can be enjoyed in single player, turn-based Party Play, or in wireless head-to-head multiplayer. Players can explore the jam-packed unique content starting with a variety of mini-games or rock out to tunes using EA POCKET TRAX, the built in media player! This unique feature allows gamers to effortlessly transform their PSP into a portable and stylish music player featuring each title's hot soundtrack. FIFA Soccer also offers players the capability to watch music videos when not hooked on playing the game.

PSP NBA Street ShowdownPlayers can take their skills to a new level and challenge the greatest basketball icons to ever hit the court in NBA STREET Showdown. Tipping off against the greatest old-school legends and today's hottest players, gamers can rise above the rim with bigger-than-life moves and defeat the best the streets have to offer with an arsenal of dunks, passes, dribbles, and tricks.

Boasting unprecedented visual and audio features, a deep selection of advanced controls, and more than 350 official team and league licenses, FIFA Soccer delivers console quality gaming on the PSP. Players can battle their way through Season and Tournament play or replay famous games and fight their way out of preset matches in the Challenges mode. FIFA Soccer is a complete, authentic, and intelligent soccer experience for the PSP.

NBA STREET Showdown and FIFA Soccer were developed by EA Canada. Both games are rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB and are available at an MSRP of $49.99. EA shipped three additional PSP titles last month including Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, Need for Speed Underground Rivals, and NFL STREET 2: Unleashed also rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB and available at an MSRP of $49.99.

For more information on EA's PSP line-up, please visit

About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) (NASDAQ: ERTS), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for videogame systems, personal computers and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under three brand names: EA SPORTS, EA GAMES and EA SPORTS BIG. In fiscal 2004, EA posted revenues of $2.96 billion and had 27 titles that sold more than one million copies. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

By EA Sports

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