May 04, 2005

Beatbox.Tv Releases Beatboxing Tutorials for Sony's PSP

Now anyone can learn how to beatbox on the train, the plane or the bus. Beatbox.Tv, originators of online beatboxing tutorials, is currently offering video downloads of the most sought after Beatbox tutorials and video clips for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP).

(Press from PRWEB) May 4, 2005 -- Beatboxing is the element of Hip Hop that employs a series of oral techniques to create human beats using nearly any sound featured in popular music today. Owners of the PSP can download ready-to-load video onto their PSP's Memory Stick. "We've been waiting a long time for a quality portable video player for deployment of our video content," says co-founder Berry Blanton. "It's really an ideal medium for short-form, engaging video."

This month, Beatbox.Tv is offering its first three downloads, two of which are taken directly from Beatbox.Tv’s flagship DVD, Foundations. PSP users can download "Snare" Tutorials 1 & 2, a harmonica/beatboxing combo from beatboxer Yuri Lane, and a more advanced short beatboxing video mix.

"We wanted to offer Yuri Lane's harmonica performance because it has become so popular on the Internet; now download it to your PSP and get mobile," says Beatboxing co-founder Max B. Beatbox.Tv is fast becoming the online destination for the beat enthusiast and their trade line "Representing Beat Culture" says it all. Beatbox.Tv currently offers streaming beatbox tutorials as well as a host of other video and audio content. To meet the increasing demands of this growing market, Beatbox.Tv is expanding their site to showcase up-and-coming beat artists who can submit audio clips, pictures and bios to be featured on the site. “Beatbox.Tv is not limited to beatboxers," says Blanton. "Beatboxing is simply an element of Hip Hop, and beats are the foundation of Hip Hop."

Beatbox.Tv: Representing Beat Culture

Berry Blanton, BEATBOX.TV

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