February 08, 2008

That's Hot! PSP Burns Through Kid's Pocket

In a strange twist, a PSP handset caught fire while in a child's pants at school. Harold Clay, 12, was in band class when the Sony Playstation Portable caught fire in his pocket.

Clay wasn't given much warning, as the portable device quickly heated up and burned through his pocket. Taught to "stop, drop & roll", that's exactly what young Harold did.

The portable console was reportedly turned off when it caught fire. Clay's parents have contacted Sony and are trying to determine if any other cases have been reported. PSP batteries have been known to explode and/or breakdown, but I haven't seen any other cases like this where an individual was harmed by the burning device.

In an ironic twist, the name of the game in Harold's charred PSP - "Burn Out".

The PSP left 2nd degree burns on Harold Clay, who luckily was not hurt worse.

Click here to watch a video news report of the incident.

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