June 16, 2005

Are We There Yet? DVD/UMD for Playstation Portable

Columbia Tri-Star pictures presents Are We There Yet? featuring Ice Cube on the new UMD Mini (Universal Media Disc) format.

About Sony PSP UMD discs: Universal Media Discs (UMDs) are playable only in the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) and are not compatible with contemporary DVD players. The UMD is a newly developed compact, high capacity optical format that can store up to 1.8 GB of digital data on a 60mm disc or an entire feature film on a single UMD video. Movies on UMD will be produced in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio and encoded using advanced AVC compression, which provides a high level of picture quality.

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Are We There Yet? DVD for Sony PSP review
blackaciddevil (in the USA somewhere...) - Having had my Playstation Portable for, almost, a month now; I thought I'd get around to getting a movie to watch on it just to see how good things were with watching one on it. Because my choices were limited, I was stuck with choosing between this one or National Treasure. Thankfully, I chose "Are We There Yet?". I'm really glad I did because this movie is downright hilarious. The story goes a lil something like this....Nick, a playboy bachelor, and Suzanne, a divorced mother of two, is threatened by a particularly harrowing New Year's Eve. When Suzanne's work keeps her in New York City for the holiday, Nick offers to bring her kids to the city from Washington D.C. The kids, who have never liked any of the men their mom has dated in the past, are determined to turn the trip a nightmare for Nick. And, boy, is it ever a nightmare. Ice Cube turns in one of his most comedic performances in his career in this movie. I didn't think I'd like this movie too much beforehand but, after watching it, I think it was money well spent. I'm really glad it was the first movie that I got for my PSP. Which, I'd like to add as a sidenote, the PSP's capabilties of showing movies on the system is well past what I expected of it. It's high quality UMD video. I commend Sony for doing such an outstanding job with the PSP(It's, definitely, the Walkman of the 21st century). I can't wait to see what other movies will become available for the PSP now. Who knows, I might start me a whole library of them to watch on the go. Getting back to the review, however, if you hadn't seen Are We There Yet? yet....do yourself a favor and see it. It's a movie the whole family can see.

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