March 31, 2007

Download PSP Games Online Legally

On the website, you can now purchase a membership and start downloading PSP games. The service is completely legal, so you won't get in trouble for downloading the games.

“We give gamers what they want – unlimited downloads,” said Cary Cross, owner of the web site. “These are complete games, not demos. We offer legal software from a list of hundreds of games, as well as music, DVD copy and backup software, MP3 players, CD burning software, online music search, lyrics, Internet radio, popup and spyware removers, and much more.”
The service is only $37.00 (as of this posting) and there are supposedly no additional fees, EVER! With your membership, you can download all kinds of stuff to your PSP for free (well, pretty much).

In order to get the games and other downloads onto your PSP, you'll first download them on your computer and then transfer them to the PSP using software and special instructions that the site provides.

It looks like pretty legit, so go ahead and check them out. Start adding games & music to your PSP.

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