April 05, 2007

Sony Discounts PSP to $169.99

Sony Entertainment released news today that the Playstation PSP has been discounted to $169.99, exactly $30 off of the previous price (it was $199.99). The price cuts are effective immediately, so you don't have to wait to go and get your PSP for the new low price.

The announcement comes on the 2nd anniversary of the PSP.

Sony also declared the following PSP games to be part of their PSP Greatest Hits collection, which means each game is now only $19.99:

Both announcements are great news for PSP gamers around the world. Continuing to improve upon their products and making it easier for players to get into the games later in the product life cycle is key to keeping sales & profits rising.

“We have always been passionate about making great entertainment accessible to everyone, and the new price for PSP, as well as the continued growth of the ‘Greatest Hits’ library, reflect our ongoing commitment to supporting and expanding the PSP community,” said Jack Tretton, President and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We are pleased that we are able to engineer savings for the consumer at this stage of PSP’s lifecycle, allowing more individuals to experience PSP for the first time. In particular, we have recently seen a steady rise in the number of teens adopting PSP as their primary handheld entertainment system, and we expect the new price will accelerate that trend.”

About PSP (PlayStation Portable) handheld entertainment system
PSP is the first truly integrated handheld entertainment system designed to handle multiple applications — music, video, photo, Internet, live and recorded TV, and wireless connectivity, with games as its key feature. PSP system features an unmatched library of portable entertainment content, totaling more than 200 games and nearly 450 feature films, TV programs, and videos from major studios and record labels, as well as downloadable content from the Internet.

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