July 12, 2007

Sony PSP to be Lighter, Slimmer starting in September

Announced today by Sony, is the news that the kid & adult friendly Playstation Portable will be remodeled and released in September lighter & slimmer than the current handheld model. The new PSP handheld model will be approximately 33% less weight than the current version and 19% slimmer (or thinner). I guess it's too heavy for everyone right now (not).

Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, made the PSP announcement during a presentation at the E3 video game exposition.

A spokeswoman for Sony told Reuters the slimmer PSP would retail for about the same as the current PSP.

In related news, Sony cut the price of the Playstation 3 on Monday by $100. It's still too much, but at least you now save another $100 off of the cost. Microsoft will not be following suit w/ the price cut, stating their X-Box 360 model will remain at the same price for the time being.

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