April 30, 2007

Bouncy: Virtual Lap Dances Vol 1 - Adult UMD, XXX UMD

It's official... Adult UMD's for your PSP. Yes, you can now order "porn" on your Playstation PSP. Although Bouncy's Virtual Lap Dances Volume 1 doesn't market itself as an XXX title, the UMD does show full nudity and some cowgirl sex.

Did I mention it was cheap? The Virtual Lap Dances DVD is selling right now for only $13.99, so it's definitely not like buying a new PSP game or even some real Adult DVD's. The site does say that it's not going to be released until 2010, but I really doubt the wait is that long.

Here's a description of the Virtual Lap Dances UMD/DVD from Bouncy:

"Virtual Lap Dances #1 features 12 of Bouncy's hottest girls doing very explicit strip teases with close up nudity and giving lap dances that go all the way. The lap dances go from simple grinding and teasing to full on cowgirl sex. All of these scenes are shot in first person perspective to give the viewer the experience that has made Bouncy famous - true virtual reality. Although not an XXX title, Virtual Lap Dances #1 is the first UMD release by an American porn company and the ONLY UMD IN THE WORLD that shows close up nudity, celebrating every beautiful inch of women and their glorious sexuality!"
The reviews of the XXX UMD aren't all that great at this point, but they appear to be fake anyway, so you're probably getting exactly what the DVD title indicates - virtual lap dances... nothing more, nothing less (ok, so a lot less clothes). :P

Buying the game will be difficult for anyone under 18, so stay away if you fit in that category.

Bouncy: Virtual Lap Dances, Vol. 1 (UMD Mini for PSP)

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