March 30, 2005

PSP Metal Gear Acid Game Review

The legendary Metal Gear series comes to the Sony PSP in METAL GEAR ACID. Experience a whole new portable gameplay system that focuses on deep tactical strategy with an entirely new Metal Gear storyline. As the role of top-secret agent, Solid Snake, players will make calculated decisions to plan out their infiltration strategy and accomplish the mission in a turn-based style of game. Through the use of strategic battle cards, players are given different abilities and stealth tactics to achieve the mission objectives. METAL GEAR ACID delivers the trademark stealth-action experience in a completely new game for the Playstation portable gaming audience to enjoy.

Product Description: Created by world-renowned developer, Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear Acid will redefine handheld action gaming, as this all-new stealth adventure game in the definitive tactical espionage series takes the Metal Gear experience outside the living room and directly into the hands of gamers. * Entirely new Metal Gear game and story developed for the PSP portable handheld system * Use over 200 strategic battle cards to accomplish the mission, including weapon, action and character cards * Purchase new cards to enhance your infiltration strategy and discover new cards as you play * Different card decks give you new abilities and actions unique to the theme of the deck * Experience a deeper level of tactical espionage using a turn-based strategy system * Incredible graphics and animations never before seen on a portable handheld game system-- Specifications: ESRB Rating-RP for Rating Pending, Genre/Category - Action Adventure, System -
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), Number of Players, On-Line Compatible, PlayStation Portable computer entertainment system, PlayStation Portable compatible Memory Stick Duo for saves.

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PSP Metal Gear Acid Game Reviews
S. Alix "manythings711" (NYC) - Who would have thought that this series would translate so well to the RPG/Stragedy genre. In fact, it feels pretty much like the good old metal gear solid I am used to on the PS2. The only difference is you use cards to plan your movement and you have to wait your turn while the guards move around. This is not hardly as tedious or as dull as it sounds. The game is just as exciting and the pacing is as slow or as fast as you want it to be. The story is told with wonderful drawings, and text instead of audio. I have to give them credit for bringing the MSG experience to the handheld world without sacrificing what made the game so great. Anyone expecting an action shooter hasn't played the original games, and they also were too stupid to read the back of the game box. If you're hesitant about buying this game, like I was, let me alleviate your fears. Any MGS fan will get into this game quite easily and you may find that it even takes the game play to a whole new level. I had alot more fun getting used to the gameplay of MGA than I did getting used to MGS3 on the PS2.

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S. Johnson (location unknown) - I have Lumines, Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, and of coarse Metal Gear Ac!d, and i must say that Metal Gear is by far my most played, and enjoyed game so far out of the four. People are quick to shoot down this game as soon as they here that it is a card game!, and that sucks because this game is amazing! Picture sneaking up behide a soldier, going throught you deck, and selecting your "Sword" card, and slashing your ememy in two pieces with out him even seeing you! Guys you wont go wrond with buying this game. This is a must have!

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though some games graphics seem similar to the ps2, its really just a regular playstation only smaller than the ps one as for metal gear...uhh cards???

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