March 31, 2005

Sony PSP Accessory - USB Data Cable for PC

Sony PSP USB Data Cable
The PSP USB cable from Pelican Accessories is perfect for all data transfer from your PC/computer to your
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). Not only can you transfer your photos/images/pics, but also certain video formats and MP3 audio files. The Playstation Portable comes with a 32 MB Memory Stick to save your files onto and you can purchase memory cards with higher storage capacities.

PSP USB data cable features:
  • Connect your Sony PSP to your PC.
  • Upload or download any information from PC to PSP or vice versa, including photos/pics, videos and MP3 audio.
  • No need for a card reader.
  • USB 2.0 standards.

Buy a USB data cable for your PSP to be able to transfer MP3 audio, pics and video from your PC to your PSP


Anonymous said...

how do you get free back grounds could you help me

PostMaster said...

This appears to be a good site for Sony PSP backgrounds.

Search Google for more

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