March 30, 2005

PSP MLB 2005 Review

PSP MLB 2005 steps up to the plate and comes out swinging for the fences with an all-new PlayMaker Fielding marker that provides better fielding interaction by combining player attributes with your skill level to make the play. Release Point Pitching gives you the ultimate pitcher/batter showdown and determines your ability to hit or miss your spots in the zone as you master the confidence meter. Branch Point Technology lets you field the ball and pre-load a throw with seamless fielding transitions impacted by footwork and momentum making every play unique.

PSP MLB 2005 supports up to two players via wireless multiplayer connectivity. Compete again an Artificial Intelligence or go head-to-head with friends.

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PSP MLB 2005 Game Review
Eric J. Wasson (Cincinnati, Ohio) - From the moment I had my PSP I wondered how good a baseball game could be on it. MLB exceeds those expectations. It is awesome. The pitching is easy, yet complex at the same time, and hitting is also very managable. I love NBA, which is also 989 and was hoping this game would be modeled after that as far as gameplay, and features..and it is. The negative: No Career mode. No player customization. Thats it. If they had that it would be amazing, but they dont and the product is still definitely worth buying. If you are a baseball fan and a psp owner, you need this title. ALSO: It is not an EA Sports Game. That is a good thing. I have boycotted that company since they are slowly taking the competition out of this industry. No competition means no reason to make the product any better, and no reasons to price your game at less than 50 bucks. GO 989!

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