April 03, 2005

PSP Need for Speed: Underground Rivals

Created by Electronic Arts, the latest in the Need for Speed racing series, comes PSP Need for Speed: Underground Rivals. This latest version was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

  • Racing game based on legacy of hugely successful Underground series
  • Compete against rivals in 10 all-new and visually distinct tracks
  • Customize and compete against high-performance tuner cars from U.S. and Japan
  • New game modes capitalize on cutting-edge hardware features of PSP handheld
  • Multiplayer gaming in new modes specifically designed for use via Wi-Fi

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Screenshot from PSP Need for Speed: Underground Rivals
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PSP Need for Speed: Underground Rivals Game Reviews
N. Itro Blasta "Psyko" (Portland, ME) - I picked up a PSP and this game recently. It's very similiar to the PS2 version with racing circuits, drag racing, buying new cars, etc. It's great to play on a PSP with the earbuds nobody gets annoyed with cranking up the volume...I do get annoyed glances from the occassional maniacal outbursts though! The music is awesome...great hip-hop and metal tunes that help get the blood flowing, particularly when it's loud and your goin' 120 through a city (another plus with the buds).

Be ready for some unbelievable action with speeds of up to 130 mph through city streets/tunnels, weaving in and out of traffic...also there's lots of different cars to slip into(foreign and domestic, tricked-up, muscle cars, etc.)

Secondly, hang on for your life because this game isn't just about skill...it's about how close to the edge you dare to go (I've plummeted over that edge many a time and it's breathtakingly fun!) Good luck!

PSP Bundle with Need For Speed: Underground Rivals
PSP Bundle with Need For Speed: Underground Rivals

To help you start your PSP collection, we've created this special bundle, which includes the Need for Speed:Underground Rivals game in addition to the Sony PSP value pack which comes with the AC adapter, battery pack, earbud headphones with remote control, soft case, hand strap, and of course the PSP system.

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