July 25, 2005

PSP Coded Arms game review

Created by Konami, comes PSP Coded Arms. This latest version was created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: PSP Coded Arms is a visually stunning first-person shooter that places the gamer in the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates an abandoned virtual reality system. Players will fight through various virtual battlefields against multiple types of enemies with more than 30 different weapons at their disposal. The game will also utilize the Playstation Portable platform's wireless capabilities for intense multiplayer action.

Availability: Usually ships within 2 to 3 days from Toys"R"Us
Rating: Teen (Content suitable for persons age 13 or older.)

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PSP Coded Arms Game Review
Reviewer: Jean "jeancarlo12" ) - I have this game and its awesome,the graphics,the shooting the gameplay and all. I will recommend you people to buy this game and when your playing to put the controls like this: moving-Dpad, aiming-control stick, shooting-L and R buttons, jump-X button. I put them like that and its easy. This game has some repetitive areas but I dont care cause I have over 30 weapons to select, you'll never get tired of shooting all those enemies with your weapons because its kinda cool when you let the thrigger on and it continues shooting, although your ammo will end its cool. The giant bugs and the giant computer bot is a bit difficult but its still cool.

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