April 19, 2005

Game Review Spider-Man 2 for the Playstation Portable

PSP Spider-Man 2 (by Activision) - created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: Two years have passed since Peter Parker first hit the streets of New York City as the conflicted crime-fighter Spider-Man. In PSP Spider-Man 2 he finds himself battling his most diabolical villain yet, the mechanized, multi-tentacled Doc Ock. The nefarious Doc Ock was once Dr. Otto Octavius, a brilliant nuclear physicist, but a freak accident transformed him from a timid researcher to a criminally insane megalomaniac who blames Spider-Man for his horrible transformation. Now the scientist Peter once idolized for his remarkable intellect has marked our web-slinger for death.

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Screenshot from PSP Spider-Man 2

Experience total freedom as you soar through the concrete canyons of a living, breathing Manhattan, complete with familiar landmarks and bustling, traffic-clogged streets on Spider-Man 2 for the Playstation Portable. Web-swing wherever you like, whenever you like, exploring the vast metropolis and reliving scenes from the Spider-Man 2 movie. Combat petty thugs and aid NYC citizens in challenging side-quests, or pursue the lunatic Doc Ock and other classic Spider-Man rivals. The decision is yours.

  • Play as Spider-Man and protect the city of Manhattan from evil
  • 19 all-new, action-packed levels that extend beyond the film
  • Swing, climb, and web-sling through interactive 3D environments
  • Amazing console-like 3D graphics and incredibly immersive gameplay
  • Battle evil villains; enhanced maneuvers and combos
  • ESRB Rating: (Content suitable for persons ages 13 or older.)

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PSP Spider-Man 2 Game Reviews
Brian Reaves (Anniston, AL USA)
- If you own the PS2 version of Spider Man 2, that may have scared you off from buying this one. Don't let it! This is really a good game all by itself, and it is completely different from the PS2 version that came out last year. The graphics in the cutscenes are amazing (much better than the PS2), and the real actor's voices are used again. Gameplay is relatively simple to catch onto (there's a tutorial, but no Bruce Campbell this time). It's a great introduction to the PSP, and I'd highly recommend it as a starter game. If this is how it's going to be, then the PSP is going to rule!

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