September 19, 2006

Daxter for Playstation PSP Game Review

Daxter for PSP

Created by Sony Computer Entertainment, comes Daxter for Playstation PSP. This spin-off of the popular Jak (and Daxter) series for the Sony Playstation, was created specifically for the PSP handheld gaming system.

Game Description: Daxter gives the co-star of the popular Jak & Daxter games his own adventure on the PSP! Play from his animal perspective, chronicling his back-story during the two years spent alone in Haven City. As Daxter is an ottsel and not a human, players will have a unique moveset with agile abilities, as Daxter can crawl on all fours, fit in small places and maneuver vehicles. You'll need all those abilities to get through this unique platformer!

Daxter for PSP Features:

  • Use Daxter's swatter and bug spray gun for unique gaming mechanics.
  • Go into Animal Mode so Daxter can climb walls and creep up on enemies.
  • Learn the background of how Daxter spent 2 years in Haven City and how he managed to free Jak.
  • Connects to PS2 through USB, for combined gaming - use the PSP to unlock drivers, vehicles and graphics for Jak X - Combat Racing or connect to their PS2 to open up secret features in Daxter

Availability: In stock
Rating: Everyone 10+

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Daxter for PSP Game Review:
Reviewer: ps2 gamer "star wars" - If you've owned a PSP for a long time you've probably kept hearing that it doesn't have any good games. Daxter proves otherwise. If you've been bored with all of the games the PSP has now, be bored no longer! Daxter is quite possibly the best PSP game out there, with awesome graphics, gameplay, story, and many more features.

If you're a hardcore fan of the Jak and Daxter series like me, then you won't be disappointed with this game. It does everything great. The story takes place between Jak 1 and Jak 2. If you rememeber, at the beginning of Jak 2 Jak arrives at haven city. He is then immediately captured by the Krimzon Guards, but Daxter escapes. Jak is put in prison, and then the game skips 2 years later and you see how Daxter saves Jak. The game's storyline takes place in those 2 years, and you'll learn how Daxter saves Jak and what he has done in that time. At the beginning of the game, Daxter is offered a job as a bug exterminator. He takes it, because he hopes that while he goes around exterminating bugs he'll also find Jak along the way. By the way, these are metal head bugs, so they'll put up a fight.

Now, first of all, let's get the bad stuff out of the way. This game is kind of short, and you'll be able to finish it in 10-13 hours. Also, some people might find it disappointing that haven city is smaller than it was in Jak 2, and there aren't any people walking in the streets, even though they're flying in zoomers. However, these are very minor problems, and they don't affect the game in any very bad way.

Now on to the good things. This game's graphics are absolutely phenomenal. They are the best graphics on any PSP game out now, and I daresay that they're even better than the graphics of many PS2 games. I'm not exaggerating. They are absolutely gorgeous. There is an impressive amount of detail in all of the environments you'll visit, and they all look very unique and great. Just take a look at Daxter himself (the character). His fur looks so realistic and cool, and all of the textures in the game are similar. The character designs are also cool and unique.

Speaking of characters, here they are. There's Osmo, which is an old man who's also Daxter's boss at the exterminator shop, yet he's very kind. There's his son Ximon, who is a surfer kind of guy. There's Osmo's daughter Taryng, which is a Lara Croft-like gal with a British accent who gives Daxter all of his weapons. There's Kaeden, some kind of creepy guy who really hates Daxter and his friends. And there are a few other characters, some of them from the other Jak games, like Errol and Count Vegar.

Another thing that the Jak series are greatly known for is their variety. Daxter delivers that too. There is a big variety of missions and things to do, and you'll do things ranging from simply killing bugs, to chasing a Truck on your scooter while it shoots bombs at you, to shoot down a bug with a turret while you're on a vehicle, and more. Also, there's lots of action and platforming to be done in this game. Like I mentioned earlier, you'll be fighting metal head bugs, and they're all different and unqiue. You'll get several weapons in the game: One being an electric flyswatter, which is basically a melee weapon, a sprayer which lets you stun enemies, a flamethrower(self explanatory), and a sonic blaster, which lets you shoot a bomb that creates a shockwave. You'll also have to pick up floating green orbs to power up tour sprayer weapons. Other than that, you also get an upgrade that lets you temporarily fly in the air with your sprayer, and you'll have to pick up green orbs mid-air in order to feul your sprayer and allow you to stay up a longer time. Jumping and flying around makes up this game's platforming, and its really very fun.

Also there's a bunch of other distractions that keep you busy and allow you to do things other than doing the main missions. You can roam around Haven city (by the way, you get a scooter to do it with) searching for secret areas and collectibles, you can go to levels that you've already played in order to pick up secrets you might have missed there, and perhaps most importantly, you can play mini-games called "dream sequences". These are very fun, and in them, you make Daxter go to sleep on his bed, and he'll have dreams in which he's the hero, and his dreams take place in movies like lord of the rings, the matrix, braveheart and more. They're basically just minigames in which you have to mash buttons according to what appears on screen, and they're really fun. You can unlock different combos for your flyswatter and other cool secrets if you play them. However, you must first collect enough precursor orbs in order to unlock these dreams.

There is also a multiplayer option called bug combat. You can pick up special bugs in your main game and use them in this multiplayer option. Each bug has 3 attacks it can use, and it's sort of a turn based rock-paper-scissors game with RPG elements. Claw attack beats Spit, Spit beats trap, and trap beats claw. You also get all kinds of unlockables for this from the main game, if you find them. You can get power ups that improve your bugs' health, attack, and more. You also get tokens that you can use in the middle of the combat, and they're things like shields that protect you from attacks, things that cancel your opponent's move, things that let you switch your attack after you already picked one, etc.

Overall Daxter is the best PSP game that's ever come out. I hope that other companies keep making games like this. If they do, the future looks very bright for the PSP. So if your a Jak and Daxter fan, or if you just own a PSP, you should definitely buy this game.

P.S. You can also connect your PSP to your PS2 via USB cable, and if you have Jak X: Combat Racing, you can unlock cool stuff for it from the Daxter game. These things inculde: Four different characters to drive as, and a car called the Daxtermobile.

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