April 26, 2005

Sony PSP Ape Escape game review


PSP Ape Escape (by Sony Computer Entertainment) - created for the Playstation Portable handheld gaming system from Sony, commonly known as the PSP.

Game Description: The madness begins with Spike's pursuit of Specter and a ton of zany monkeys intent on changing the world. The monkeys are on the loose and they must be stopped! Challenge your friends to thrilling mini-games like snowboarding, boxing, racing and ping pong, anytime, anywhere.

Family-friendly Ape Escape for the PSP will feature multiplayer functionality and a wide variety of mini-games for all ages. When a trouble-making monkey named Specter gets hold of the Professor's Peak Point Helmet, chaos ensues. The powerful device, which can increase a human's intelligence, has a disastrous effect on Spector, transforming him from a sweet, mischievous monkey to a power-hungry monster who has his heart set on ruling the world.

  • Family-friendly adventure based on popular Ape Escape series
  • Capture 200+ zany monkeys intent on changing the world
  • 8 vibrant worlds spanning across more than 20+ levels
  • All-new mini-games like snowboarding, boxing, racing, and ping-pong
  • Single-player platform action; multiple players via Wireless connectivity

Screenshot from PSP Ape Escape
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