September 19, 2006

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror PSP Game Review

PSP Syphon Filter Dark Mirror

Created by Sony Computer Entertainment, comes Syphon Filter Dark Mirror for Playstation PSP.

Game Description: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror gives you a dangerous job to perform, as you push yourself to the limits. Become Gabe Logan, as you handle the missions that are too politically sensitive for a standard military strike.

Syphon Filter Dark Mirror for PSP Features:

  • Utilize deadly force and the most advanced weaponry and high-tech equipment imaginable
  • Take down hostiles who feature awareness, behaviors and communications based on player actions
  • Precision aiming, melee attacks and target enhancements provide plausible deniability to any action
  • Online strike teams (2 person teams) match up against each other in a battle for competing objectives

Availability: In stock
Rating: Mature

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Syphon Filter Dark Mirror for PSP Game Reviews:
Reviewer: slugbone (usa) -I own 12 PSP games currently, and I've sold off about 6 more. This by far is the best game I have played that maximizes what the PSP can do. As much as I love Burnout Legends and Daxter, this one ranks a little higher.

The Good - User friendly controls, great sound, absolute beautiful graphics. This plays like a expensive demo that was tailored to show what the system can do. The difference being it is a full game with extended playability and multi-player action. If you had to rank a game #1 based on everything you want in a shooter, it would be this game. It has stealth, action, cool gadgets that are easy to get to and creativity with the story line.

The Bad? There really isn't any negatives, unless you don't like shooters too much. The frame rate is smooth, and even the training mode is well designed and plays like a mission. You would be hard pressed to find a game that takes as much care in putting the absolute best product out for gamers.

Overall, 5 stars and worth the money. If your thing is multi-player you will definitely like this game. Huge replayability here. If you prefer solo, the game will last you a long time and be challenging. This one is somewhat of a hidden gem based on the few reviews, I highly recommend it for shooter enthusiasts.

Reviewer: Hans D. Kiser (MA, USA) - I was worried when they started bringing shooters out on the PSP. I've grown accustomed to the dual analog sticks on the PS2 and Xbox. And was worried how I would be able to pull off the move and shoot. After about a 30 minute learning period with Syphon Filter, I was already smashing the time records in training mode. Which was definitly another benefit to the game. There are four training missions you can choose to play to get accustomed to the game. They range from basic movement to a sniper mission. The controls will take some getting used to since you use the analog stick for movement and the x, circle, square and triangle buttons to look in different directions. But once you get used to them you'll be running and gunning with the best of them. On easy mode the game took me approximatly 12 hrs to beat. However, I take my time trying to acheive every side mission. The average gamer will get a good 8-10 hrs out of the game. You also have the option to replay any level that you have already beat to attempt to get more steath, environmental, dart, or headshot kills. When such goals are acheived you can unlock alternate levels and weapons that you can used in the mission mode. I have about 22 hrs total in the game and I still have not unlocked everything. So there is some replayability in the game. Unlike Daxter for the PSP, I played it through and even though it was a great game I had no desire to pick it back up.

Conclusion - Syphon Filter is a great action shooter game. It combines the usual elements you expect and even some steath and spy maneuvers. In fact several levels are signifigantly easier if you take your time to use steath to eliminate your enemies. You can always go in guns blazing but that does not always work out. Again there is about a 30 minute learning curve. But it is fairly easy to get accustomed to the controls and go about your merry way stabbing and shooting. The only real complaint I have about the game is several times I performed a steath kill, it would not register on the player stats page and could not reach the goal for a level. Which was pretty annoying at time since I was so close to unlocking another weapon. Other than that its a great game.

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