April 15, 2005

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Bundle - Comes w/ 5 Games


To help you start your PSP collection, Amazon.com created this special bundle, which includes the games Wipeout Pure, Twisted Metal, NBA, Ape Escape, and World Soccer Tour in addition to the Sony PSP value pack which comes with the AC adapter, battery pack, 32 MB Memory Stick Duo, earbud headphones with remote control, soft case, hand strap, Spider-Man 2 movie, and of course the PSP system.

This is the best deal you will find for the Sony PSP system, with all the accessories and the 5 games. Don't miss your chance to save money.

Order the Sony PSP Bundle w/ 5 Games & Accessories - Best Pricing Available (New/Used)

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PSP Bundle w/ Console & 5 Games - Review
D. Keh "Electro-wireless Gadget Lover" (OC, CA, USA) - The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the shining, crystal clear, liquid-like 4.5" screen! If you cover the control pad and buttons to reveal just the screen, you might think this is a tiny Plasma screen you're holding! I also own a Nintendo DS, so I am being very fair here; the dual screens is a nice touch; my wife loves to play ZooKeeper using the stylus; but compare the screens to the Sony PSP's screen, it is not as sharp as the PSP.

The menu on the PSP is pretty intuitive, easy to navigate. Control pad and buttons are layout just like a regular Sony PS2 controller, except the joystick on the PSP, it looks like a round tape covering a hole or something, and I almost thought it is something I should remove. The analog pad is a little hard to use when playing any game requires precised movement, like Super bobble pop type of game, or shooters using cross-hair; but once get used to it, not a problem.

I also tried some MPEG4 video playback using a 512MB MS Duo, now this is what a portable AV player should be! It's like watching a DVD movie on a plasma tv, smaller of course! No wonder Sony is going to including SpiderMan 2 movie for the first 1 million PSP shipped in the US. Watch it and you will see what I mean.

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